2017 Latin America Outlook

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A comprehensive overview of Latin America. Learn about the short- and long-term outlook for Latin America, the 8 most significant regional disruptors to monitor, and key scenarios to prepare for.

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Latin America will return to growth in 2017 as Brazil leaves recession behind, although regional performance remains vulnerable to disruption stemming from changes to trade and immigration policy in the US, commodity price and FX volatility, and tightening credit conditions. Despite unfavorable external conditions, some markets will show greater resilience, namely in the Pacific Alliance, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Government measures to address growing fiscal deficits and high inflation will continue to constrain growth in Brazil, Argentina, and Ecuador, while Venezuela careens towards economic collapse as the government continues to avoids necessary corrective measures in the economy.

What you will learn

  • What are the main drivers shaping the business landscape for the Latin America region
  • How Does Trump’s presidency reshape the outlook for Latin America
  • What implications regional and global drivers will have on market prioritization, competitive dynamics, customer behavior and Latin America’s operating environment

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 73-page PDF report
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Section 1: FSG View on Latin America4-5
  •   Latin America Confronts Fragile Recovery6
  •   Key Growth Drivers7
  •   Trump’s Victory Has Intensified Uncertainty8
  •   Currency Volatility Will Persist9
  •   China’s Economy Will Continue to Slow10
  •   Commodity Prices Will Stabilize at Low Levels11
  •   Performance Will Continue to Diverge12
  •   Responsible Policy Making Will Be Key13
  •   GDP Forecasts Reflect Divergent Outlooks14
  • Section 2: Business Implications of Regional Trends15-16
  •   Top Markets for 2017 Investment17
  •   Consumer Spending Will Accelerate18
  •   B2B Opportunities Will Be Concentrated19
  •   Public Budgets Will Remain Constrained20
  •   FX Dynamics Will Favor Local Companies21
  •   Pricing Flexibility Will Be Limited22
  •   Localization to Gain Market Share23
  •   Operating Conditions Will Be Challenging24
  • Section 3: Disruptors & Scenarios25-27
  •   Event #1: China Loses Control28
  •   Event #2: NAFTA Exit29-30
  •   Event #3: US Immigration Crackdown31-32
  •   Event #4: Oil Supply Shock33
  •   Event #5: US Infrastructure Boom34
  •   Event #6: Military Takeover in Venezuela35
  •   Event #7: De-Dollarization in Ecuador36
  •   Event #8: End of Cuban Embargo37
  • Section 4: Long-Term Outlook38-39
  •   Signposts for Prioritizing Investment40
  •   Progress on Reforms Will Vary by Market41
  • Section 5: Priority Actions for Multinational Executives42-43
  •   Deepen Portfolio-Allocation Capabilities44-45
  •   Pursue Subnational Pockets of Opportunity46
  •   Reassess Your Value Proposition47
  •   Surface Tradeoffs in Pricing Strategy48
  •   Consider Non-Pricing Strategies49
  •   Assess Channel Partners’ Margin Impact50
  •   Build Distributors’ Capabilities51
  •   Anticipate Channel Transitions52
  •   Professionalize Channel Management 53
  •   Improve Alignment and Resilience 54
  •   Scenario-Planning Process 55
  •   Monitor Leading Indicators 56
  •   Design Forward-Looking Dashboards 57
  •   Cut Costs But Maintain Investments 58
  •   Divest From Non-Profitable Businesses 59
  •   Create Cost-Conscious Corporate Culture 60
  •   Consider Further Localizing Your Business 61
  • Section 6: Country Deep Dives62
  •   Brazil Outlook63
  •   Mexico Outlook64
  •   Argentina Outlook65
  •   Colombia Outlook66
  •   Chile Outlook67
  •   Peru Outlook68
  •   Venezuela Outlook69
  •   Ecuador Outlook70
  •   Central America Outlook71
  •   Caribbean Outlook72
  • About Frontier Strategy Group73

Sample Pages

Trump's Victory Has Intensified Uncertainty

Top Markets for 2017 Corporate Investment

NAFTA Renegotiation Is Most Likely Scenario

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