2018 Global Outlook

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A comprehensive overview of the 2018 global business landscape. Learn about the short- and long-term global outlook, regional market forecasts, as well as scenarios and priority actions executives need to take.

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The global outlook has stabilized considerably over the last year as emerging markets continue a gradual recovery and developed markets demonstrate resilience to politically driven disruptions.

However, multinational executives should not grow complacent — Chinese growth continues to moderate, the Federal Reserve is tightening monetary policy, and the Trump administration continues to drive uncertainty.

Management priorities will continue to focus on assessing the right risk-adjusted market opportunities, building the right commercial capabilities, and developing effective market-monitoring capabilities across the organization.

What you will learn

  • What is the business outlook for key markets driving the global economy
  • Which macroeconomic and geopolitical drivers matter most in 2018
  • How multinational executives should adapt their strategies going forward

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 71-page PDF report
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Global Outlook for 20184
  •   Mandates for Growth Are Evolving5
  •   Planning Assumptions Are Changing Quickly6
  •   Political Transitions Could Rewrite Rules7
  •   Trump Retains Power to Disrupt8
  •   Europe Has Contained Populist Tide for Now9
  •   Tricky Brexit Negotiations for UK, Europe10
  •   China’s Reform Agenda is Uncertain11
  •   Global Economic Recovery is Brittle12
  •   Monetary Policy Divergence Will Continue13
  •   The “Super-Dolar“ That Wasn’t14
  •   Commodity Prices Continue to Stabilize15
  •   Shale and Saudi Arabia Will Drive Oil Story16
  •   Globalization Continues on New Terms17
  •   Localization Pressures Will Increase18
  •   Digitization Disrupts Value Chains19
  •   Reassess Drivers of Competitive Advantage20
  • Global and Regional Overviews21
  •   FSG View on the Global Economy in 201822
  •   Many Opportunities to Pursue23
  •   FSG View on Asia Pacific24
  •   APAC: Role As Global Growth Engine Persists25
  •   APAC: Trends to Monitor26
  •   FSG View on North America (NAM)27
  •   NAM: NAFTA Renegotiation Clouds Outlook28
  •   NAM: Trends to Monitor29
  •   FSG View on Latin America30
  •   LATAM: Converging Growth Rates31
  •   LATAM: Trends to Monitor32
  •   FSG View on Western Europe33
  •   WEUR: Momentum Could Reverse34
  •   WEUR: Trends to Monitor35
  •   FSG View on Central Europe36
  •   CE: Growth is Resilient to Politics37
  •   CE: Trends to Monitor38
  •   FSG View on CIS Markets39
  •   CIS: Russia Leads a Modest Recovery40
  •   CIS: Trends to Monitor41
  •   FSG View on the Middle East and North Africa42
  •   MENA: Reforms Continue at Full Speed43
  •   MENA: Trends to Monitor44
  •   FSG View on Sub-Saharan Africa45
  •   SSA: Resilience Determines Performance46
  •   SSA: Trends to Monitor47
  • Strategic Priorities for 201848
  •   Strategic Priorities for 201849
  •   Localizing is a Strategic Imperative50
  •   Develop a Localization Strategy51
  •   Incorporate Subnational Prioritization52
  •   Cluster-Based Prioritization in China53
  •   State-Based Prioritization in India54
  •   Develop Localized Digital Strategies55
  •   Digital Customer Engagement is Vital56
  •   Integrate Value-Added Services57
  •   Future-Proof Your Value Proposition58
  •   Build Distributor Capabilities59
  •   Channel Capabilities Drive Performance60
  •   Design Forward-Looking Dashboards61
  •   Align Monitoring With Review Cadence62
  •   Document Assumptions and Risks to Plan63
  •   Improve Alignment and Resilience64
  • Scenarios and Disruptors of Global Performance65
  •   2018 Offers a Diverse Range of Disruptors66
  •   Events to Watch Methodology67
  •   Assess Potential Impact on Business68
  •   2018 Global and Regional Disruptive Events69
  •   Global Events to Watch for 201870
  • About Frontier Strategy Group71

Sample Pages

2018 Global Outlook Potential Transitions

Tricky Brexit Negotiations

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