2019 Global Outlook

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In 2019, the world economy will enter a third straight year of broad-based global growth. A combination of rising global interest rates and ongoing trade protectionism will continue to create unexpected turbulence, but is unlikely to derail the ongoing global expansion. Learn what your business should be prepared for.

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In 2019, the world economy will enter a third straight year of broad-based global growth. A combination of rising global interest rates and ongoing trade protectionism will continue to create unexpected turbulence, but is unlikely to derail the ongoing global expansion.

Developed markets will grow at a slower rate in 2019 as inflationary pressures lead to the first convergent monetary policy tightening in more than a decade.

Higher global interest rates will create new challenges for heavily indebted governments, firms, and households across the world. Emerging markets will provide opportunities for faster growth, but each market faces its own set of operational challenges.

Management priorities include adapting pricing strategies to fit local market conditions; building resilience into global operations to mitigate the impact of trade tensions, currency, and debt shocks; and preparing for the eventual end of the business cycle.

What you will learn

  • What is the global business outlook for 2019
  • Which regions will perform the best (Asia, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East, Africa)
  • How should executives prepare for likely scenarios and disruptors of global performance

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  • Immediate access to the 80-page PDF report
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Global Outlook for 20194
  •   2019: Third Straight Year of Global Growth5
  •   But 2019 is a Year of Economic Transition6
  •   US Recession not Expected in 20197
  •   EM Growth Drivers are More Balanced8
  •   Commodity Prices Will Remain Stable9
  •   Oil Prices Will Remain Rangebound10
  •   Consumer Demand Remains Strong11
  •   The Inflation Picture Will be Healthier12
  •   Central Banks Will Tighten Liquidity13
  •   Gradual Interest Rate Tightening Continues14
  •   The US Dollar’s Strength Will Begin to Fade15
  •   Policy Shifts Could Disrupt 2019 Plans16
  •   Rising Rates Will Lead to Funding Concerns17
  •   Currency Shocks Will Continue in 201918
  •   Higher Risk of FX Crisis in Certain Markets19
  •   US Trade Tensions Across the World20
  •   Trade Growth is Expected to Continue21
  •   “America First” Protectionist Approach22
  •   Chinese Policy Priorities23
  •   Macroeconomic Sensitivity to Trade Wars24
  • Global and Regional Overviews25
  •   FSG View on the Global Economy in 201926
  •   Global Growth Continues But Decelerates27
  •   Rich Markets Offer Most Market Opportunity28
  •   FSG View on Asia Pacific29
  •   APAC: New Risks to Manage in 201930
  •   FSG View on North America31
  •   NAM: NAFTA Renegotiation Clouds Outlook32
  •   FSG View on Latin America33
  •   LATAM: Converging Growth Rates34
  •   FSG View on Western Europe35
  •   WEUR: Momentum Could Fade Further36
  •   FSG View on Central Europe37
  •   Ce: Growth Continues Into 201938
  •   FSG View on CIS39
  •   CIS: The Region Continues to Recover40
  •   FSG View on the Middle East and North Africa41
  •   MENA: Economies Adjust to the new Normal 42
  •   FSG View on Sub-Saharan Africa43
  •   SSA: demand will grow across the region44
  • Strategic Priorities for 201945
  •   Plans Require Alignment and Resilience46
  •   Strategic Priorities for 201947
  •   Pressure-Test Your Market Portfolio48
  •   Localizing is a Strategic Imperative49
  •   Localization Pressures Will Increase50
  •   Develop a Localization Strategy51
  •   A Comprehensive Digitalization Strategy52
  •   Digital Customer Engagement is Vital53
  •   Digitization Disrupts Value Chains54
  •   Reassess Drivers of Competitive Advantage55
  •   A Digital Prioritization Framework56
  •   Multiple Factors are Driving the use of VAS57
  •   VAS Present Several Profit-Driving Levers58
  •   Future-Proof Your Value Proposition59
  •   Pricing has Become Exceptionally Complex 60
  •   Internal Pricing Processes Fall Short61-62
  •   FX Management Should be 2019 Priority63
  •   Align FX Strategies With Overall Objectives64
  •   Market-Monitoring Processes65
  •   Design Forward-Looking Dashboards66
  •   Align Monitoring With Review Cadence67
  •   Document Assumptions and Risks to Plan68
  •   Scenario Analysis Makes Sense of Many Risks69
  •   Scenario-Planning Processes70
  •   The Business Case for Contingency Planning71
  •   Contingency-Planning Process72
  • Scenarios and Disruptors of Global Performance73
  •   2019 Offers a Diverse Range of Disruptors74
  •   Events to Watch Methodology75
  •   Assess Potential Impact on Business76
  •   Global Events to Watch For 201977
  •   Global Events are Interconnected78
  •   2019 Global and Regional Disruptive Events79
  • About Frontier Strategy Group80

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