Adapt to Win in Slowing South Africa

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A comprehensive overview of South Africa’s new business operating environment for multinational companies. Learn how businesses can adapt their strategies toidentify pockets of opportunity to achieve profitable growth and succeed in slowing South Africa.

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South Africa’s subdued business environment is putting multinational corporate performance at risk, as business costs rise while customers become more price sensitive. To succeed in South Africa’s new normal, companies need to readjust expectations about the market, and then seek opportunities to outperform through thoughtful strategy adaptations.

Companies must first re-assess South Africa’s customer segments to identify pockets for growth and maximize performance of existing customer segments. Second, they will need to reprioritize the key customer segments to focus on. Once priority segments have been identified, companies will need to adapt their strategies, including revisiting their product offering, route to market, and investment plans.

This report helps executives maximize South Africa’s potential through strategy suggestions, case studies, and frameworks.

What you will learn

  • What are the new dynamics of South Africa’s business landscape
  • How can businesses systematically identify pockets of opportunity in the market
  • Understand case studies and frameworks to apply to your business today

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 37-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Section 1: South Africa and the New Normal in Emerging Markets4
  •   South Africa Remains a Focus Market5
  •   Opportunities Attract New Market Entrants6
  •   There is a New Normal in Emerging Markets7
  •   The Economy is in Bad Shape8
  •   Downside Risks Loom9
  •   Customer Behavior Will Change10
  •   Adjust Expectations to the New Normal11
  •   Look for Pockets of Growth12
  • Section 2: Identify Potential & Existing Customer Segments13
  •   Explore Neighboring Markets14
  •   Revisit Urban Opportunities15-16
  •   Capture New Customer Segments17-19
  •   Maximize Traditional Customer Segments20
  • Section 3: Prioritizing Customer Segments According to Business Needs21
  •   Focus on Profitability and Growth22
  •   Adjust Strategies to Priorities23-24
  • Section 4: Adjust Strategies to Reach Priority Customer Segments25
  •   Adapt Your Business to New Opportunities26
  •   Pick Your Battles27-28
  •   Adapt Your Product Offering29-31
  •   Refine Your Route to Market32-34
  •   Make the Right Investments35-36
  • About Frontier Strategy Group37

Sample Pages

Opportunities Attract New Market Entrants

Revisit Urban Opportunities

Refine Your Route to Market

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