Brazil’s Political Crisis

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A timely snapshot of Brazil’s current political turmoil, with guidance for business leaders on scenarios to prepare for, and actions to take depending on the outcome of Temer’s political standing.

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At the end of May, Brazil was hit with a new political crisis that threatens to disrupt its economic recovery and push the market back into recession in 2017.

While President Michel Temer was only weeks away from passing key reform measures that were forecasted to boost business confidence and drive new investment, his legislative agenda is now likely to be delayed, if not cancelled. This is a critical threat for the economy; the longer pension reform is delayed, the deeper the negative effects on the economy.

While FSG continues to forecast positive growth for this year and the next, multinational companies should review their contingency plans for the Brazilian market and closely track key signposts that will signal which direction the political crisis is heading.

What you will learn

  • What is the current state of Brazil’s political and economic environment
  • Which scenarios are most likely to unfold and how will they impact the current leadership
  • Understand how companies can mitigate risk and capitalize on new opportunities under new market conditions

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 24-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Brazil’s Political Crisis and Its Connection to the Economy4
  •   Brazil Has Been Hit With Yet Another Crisis5
  •   Sustained Growth Requires Stable Politics6
  •   Crisis Elevated Uncertainty at a Key Moment7
  • Potential Pathways to Crisis Resolution8
  •   An Intricate Web of Events Clouds Forecasts9
  •   Temer Removal Options & Likelihoods10
  •   Political Scenarios & Key Signposts11
  •   Political Outcomes’ Effect on Reform12
  • Scenarios: Forecasts & Actions to Take13
  •   Brazil Political Crisis Scenarios14
  •   Brazil Scenarios for 2017-202215
  •   Base Case: Temer Removed and Reforms Pass16
  •   Upside Case: Temer Stays and Reforms Pass17
  •   Downside Case: Temer Goes and Reforms Fail18
  • Implications for MNCs: Contingency & Scenario Planning19
  •   Contingency Planning Methodology20
  •   Contingency Planning Process21
  •   Scenario Planning Processes22
  •   Market Monitoring Processes23
  • About Frontier Strategy Group24

Sample Pages

Sustained Growth in Brazil Requires Stable Politics

An Intricate Web of Events Clouds Forecasts

Brazil Political Crisis Scenarios

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