Gulf Cooperation Council: Value Proposition

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A comprehensive overview of how to adapt your value proposition in the GCC. Learn management implications for Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Government Engagement, Sales, Channel Management and Human Resources.

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The macroeconomic outlook in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is changing structurally and for the long term.

In a business environment shaped by hesitant demand, pressured margins, and rising competition, firms committed to the region will benefit from taking the necessary steps now to increase their competitive advantage and reduce reliance on pricing as a way of increasing sales.

Understanding the changing value perceptions of customers—governments, businesses, and consumers—and adjusting the firm’s product and solutions offering ahead of competitors will be critical.

Translating the broader strategic shift to concrete key performance indicators (KPIs), incentives, and goals for each function will allow companies to create sustainable growth strategies that capitalize on the changes reshaping the GCC region.

What you will learn

  • How have macro shifts impacted companies doing business in GCC
  • Which business will need to adjust their value proposition under the new environment
  • Understand implications for Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Government Engagement, Sales, Channel Management and Human Resources

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 43-page PDF report
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Section 1: Value Perceptions are Changing in the GCC4
  • GCC’s Macro Shifts are Here to Stay5
  • Multinational Performance is Already Impacted6
  • Multinationals Must Increase Competitive Advantage7
  • Customer Perceptions Will Change8-11
  • Section 2: Businesses Should Proactively Adapt Strategy in the GCC12
  •   Proactive Strategy Adjustments Are Needed13
  •   Multinationals Must Redefine Value Proposition14
  •   Effective Change Management is Key15
  •   Self Assessment: Identify Gaps16
  •   Strategy17-19
  •   Marketing: Product/Price/Positioning20-21
  •   Finance22-23
  •   Government Engagement24-26
  •   Marketing: PR/Advertisements27-28
  •   Sales29-32
  •   Sales Focus: Selling to Public-Private Partnerships33
  •   Channel Management34-35
  •   Human Resources36-38
  •   Appendix39
  •   Selling to Public-Private Partnerships40-42
  • About Frontier Strategy Group43

Sample Pages

GCC - MNC Performance is Already Impacted

GCC Sales Strategy

GCC Strategy Implications

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