North Africa Channel Strategy

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A comprehensive overview of channel strategy for North Africa. Learn how businesses can develop a winning strategy for the region, including country-specific channel nuances, internal business considerations and practical worksheets to drive action.

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Capturing North Africa’s opportunities requires the establishment of a cost effective channel structure that is not only ideal for each individual market, but that can allow companies to scale their investments across the region.

However, this is usually a difficult process for multinational companies due to the distinct local dynamics of each market, their complex relationships with each other, and the difficulties in securing company resources for the region to their small size relative to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Thus, executives must drive a strategic approach to structuring their channel in North Africa by ensuring that the key stakeholders in their company agree on the size of the opportunity in each market and company specific factors that condition a certain channel; consider the implications of market driven factors on their channel strategy; and determine whether certain resources allocated to a country can be scaled to the rest of the region.

What you will learn

  • What key factors determine the ideal channel strategy in North Africa
  • How businesses can pressure test channel strategy based on market-specific factors
  • Understand the realities of scaling a country-specific strategy to the rest of North Africa

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  • Immediate access to the 32-page PDF report
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Introduction: North Africa Presents Unique Challenges4-8
  • Section 1: Choose Your Ideal Channel Strategy 9
  •   Sales Growth Horizon10
  •   Capital Commitment11
  •   Market Knowledge12
  •   Product Sophistication13
  •   Worksheet 1: Company Factors14
  • Section 2: Pressure Test Your Strategy Based on Market Factors15
  •   Client Size and Dispersion 16-17
  •   Operating Environment 18-21
  •   Bargaining Power22
  •   Competitors’ Strategies23
  •   Worksheet 2: Market Factors24
  • Section 3: Scaling a Direct Presence to the Broader Region25
  •   Scale Your Investment Across North Africa 26
  •   Algeria 27
  •   Egypt 28
  •   Morocco29
  •   Tunisia30
  •   Worksheet 3: Scalability Across the Region31
  • About Frontier Strategy Group32

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Client Size & Dispersion

North Africa Challenges

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