Philippines Channel Management

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A comprehensive overview of how to manage channel partners effectively in the Philippines. Learn about the distribution landscape, common challenges faced by multinational companies, and 6 actionable tactics to optimize channel performance.

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The distribution landscape in the Philippines is complicated by its unfavorable power dynamics and unique tiered structure. Heavy reliance on distributors, more than in most other markets in the region, makes effective distribution management especially critical.

As executives strive to improve the performance of their indirect channels, it’s crucial that they develop a nuanced understanding of the market characteristics and the challenges that emerge as a result. Executives should use the tactics provided in this report to overcome these challenges and to manage Philippine distributors more effectively.

What you will learn

  • What does the current distribution landscape in the Philippines look like
  • Which challenges are most likely to impact multinational companies expanding in the market
  • Understand a set of actionable tactics any company with distributors can put in place today

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 27-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Section 1: The Philippines’ Distribution Landscape4
  •   Multinational Companies Rely Heavily on Distributors5
  •   Overview: The Philippines’ Distribution Landscape6
  •   Localized Business Relationships7
  •   Archipelagic Geography8
  •   Poor Infrastructure Development9
  •   Concentrated Economic Activity10
  •   Two-Tiered Distribution Landscape11
  • Section 2: Common Challenges to Effective Distribution Management12
  •   Overview: Challenges to Effective Channel Management13
  •   Limited Customer and Operational Insight14
  •   Low Demand Generation and Brand Building15
  •   Conservative Expansion Plans16
  •   Bargaining Power Favors Distributors17
  • Section 3: Tactics to Overcome Challenges & Improve Performances18
  •   Overview: Tactics to Overcome Common Challenges19
  •   Tactic #1: Build Long-term Partnerships20-21
  •   Tactic #2: Invest in Regular On-Site Visits22
  •   Tactic #3: Integrate Inventory Tracking Systems23
  •   Tactic #4: Focus on Sub-Distributor Finances24
  •   Tactic #5: Set Up Local Marketing Teams25
  •   Tactic #6: Assist in Sub-Distributor Selection26
  • About Frontier Strategy Group27

Sample Pages

Concentrated Economic Activity in Philippines

Low Demand Generation and Brand Building in Philippines

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