Saudi Arabia 2020 Outlook & Scenarios

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Everything you need to know about doing business in Saudi Arabia leading up to 2020. Learn what to expect, including key scenarios to monitor with signposts to watch.

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Saudi Arabia is one of EMEA’s top emerging markets, but the country faces a tough road as it attempts to implement an extraordinarily ambitious economic transformation plan. With external macroeconomic headwinds and serious demographic pressures, there is no turning back.

Regardless of whether the authorities can achieve their 2030 goals, their attempts at reform will impact business performance in the kingdom. FSG believes that Saudi Arabia will largely remain on track with its reform plans, but it will be an incremental process: we only expect average annual GDP growth of 2% YOY between 2017 and 2020.

In the context of such a dramatic economic transformation, businesses will need to significantly adjust expectations for the market. Companies that prioritize localization, market share gains, and operational excellence will be in a position to outmaneuver competitors.

What you will learn

  • What is the outlook for doing business in Saudi Arabia
  • How will the upcoming reforms impact the business environment
  • Learn about the key events that could disrupt Saudi Arabia’s outlook

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  • Immediate access to the 39-page PDF report
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Understanding Saudi Arabia’s Trajectory4
  •   Saudi Arabia Is a Top MENA Market for MNCs …5
  •   … But Its Oil Dependece Can’t Be Maintained6
  •   Demographic Pressures Create Urgency7
  •   External Headwinds Cannot Be Ignored8
  •   Regime Must Manage Numerous Risks9
  • Preparing for Saudi Reforms10
  •   The Government is Committed to Reforms11
  •   Adapt Business to Changes in the Kingdom12
  •   Increasing Non-Oil Revenues13-14
  •   VAT Scenarios15
  •   Budget Reform: Subsidy Reductions16-17
  •   Rationalize Expenditures18-19
  •   Privatization20-21
  •   Targeting the Growth of Key New Sectors22-23
  •   Easing thr Business Environment24-25
  •   Rising Localization Pressures26-27
  • Saudi Arabia 2020: Scenarios Overview28
  •   Saudi Arabia 2020: Scenarios Overview29
  •   Base Case: Modest Growth30
  •   Downside: Economy Stalls31
  •   Upside: Outperforming Expectations32
  • Key Events Could Disrupt Saudi Arabia’s Outlook33
  •   Key Disruptors to Saudi Arabia’s Outlook34
  •   Oil Stabilizes Below US$ 30/BBL.35
  •   Oil Price Increase Detracts Reform Agenda36
  •   Break of Royal-US Dollar Peg37
  •   Political Instability Disrupts Business38
  • About Frontier Strategy Group39

Sample Pages

Regime Must Manage Risks

Cant be maintained

Saudi Base Case

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